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Come visit Kentucky Auto Service in Elsmere! We are proud to specialize in Auto Repair. As the premier auto repair shop in Elsmere, our ASE Master Technicians take great pride in supplying: Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair, and Auto Electrical Service. Each of our reliable specialists undergo extensive automotive repair training to meet all your auto repair needs.

The maintenance experts of Kentucky Auto Service have been honored to serve Elsmere for the past 33 years. While we focus on Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service, we also provide a long range of other auto repair services listed on our services page. Our auto repair experts have built our reputation by providing consistently superior service here in Elsmere, operating from the same location with the same owner since 1989.

No matter what your vehicle needs, come see us at Kentucky Auto Service today! From Brakes to transmission to engine work, we are the best one stop auto repair shop in Elsmere. We provide trustworthy, fast, reliable, and quality work at the right price. Don’t just pass through; come see us for any of your auto repair needs.

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Ian's Review
3 Star Review
  • Kentucky Auto Service, Elsmere KY, 41018, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service

Summary: Quick Service

Review: I would tell them to approach the business with a grain of salt. Early on their work has been great, but in 2015 some things have been questionable. My wife took her car in to get the brakes looked at, along with a puncture in one of her rear tail light covers. The shop replaced the tail light cover without ever calling her with a quote, and she had to pay for it. I had my car's A/C serviced in May, for a leak and a Freon recharge. The A/C started to falter again in late July, and I took the car in. I appreciate that Kentucky Auto Service did not charge me for the repair, which I think is the correct move, but I was never apprised of my car's condition and had to call in for updates. When I arrived Wednesday morning to pick up my car, there was no attendant to be found anywhere and I had to venture into the service area to hail someone to help me check out my car. The man who checked me out had no information about what was going on with the car, whether it had been fixed or not, or if I owed anything. He eventually let me take the car. While the A/C is nice and cold now, the squealing after startup that happens when the A/C is on still occurs intermittently, so I don't consider the issue fully resolved. It's a real disappointment, since I run a service shop as well and know all of these customer experience issues well. While my shop may not repair cars, we do repair computers, which is a similar line of service, so I think I know what should and should not be done.

Reply: IAN I did call you wife with a quote on the tale light.She called me after we had already got the part in the next day and installed not to do the light. As far as you car all we did was charge it in May 2 months later you devoloped a leak in the line which we replaced a valve in. We didn't even charge you for something that we should of honestly should of charged you for. I was off for two days sick so updates on the car probably wasn't normal with shop foreman running the office. Very upset with your review , we have always provided you and your wife with good service.

Reviewed By: Ian H.
Review Date: 8/16/2015
Reviewer Location: Edgewood, KY

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